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15th October 2022

Gambling with Lives is working in partnership with Lancashire Cricket Foundation to deliver a ground-breaking education programme for children and young people at Old Trafford Cricket Ground.

In 2021, Gambling with Lives launched their ground-breaking education programme to warn young people and adults about the risk of engaging with dangerous and addictive gambling products.

Until now, gambling has not received the same attention in education as other activities that carry an inherent risk of harm, such as more established public health priorities such as tobacco, alcohol, and illicit substances.

Created by people with lived experience of gambling harm, academics, teachers, award-winning filmmakers, and education experts, the programme aims to provide young people with as complete information as possible so that they know the risks of engaging with harmful gambling products.

In partnership with Lancashire Cricket Foundation, Gambling with Lives is now offering schools and colleges in the Greater Manchester area the chance to visit Old Trafford to learn about harms associated with gambling.

Over the last two decades, the mode and frequency of gambling has changed dramatically. Subsequently, it is more pervasive in society, more readily available, and gambling operators are increasingly targeting children and young people with potentially harmful products.

The Gambling Commission estimates that 450,000 11–16-year-olds gamble in the UK, with 55,000 suffering from gambling addiction. Gambling can directly harm mental health, finances, life opportunities and relationships.

Online gambling has transformed traditional betting, with the availability of slot machines, casinos and in-play sports betting never being more than a click away. Some of these products carry high addiction rates and unlike place-based machines such as fixed-odds betting terminals (£2 a spin), these online products are relatively unrestricted in terms of stake size.

The stadium-based workshops are intended to provide young people with the knowledge necessary to understand the inherent risk of different gambling products and to critically respond to gambling marketing. The key objectives of the programme are:

The key objectives of this programme are:

  • To change young people’s attitudes, perceptions, behaviours and understanding of gambling risks.
  • To highlight that gambling products can cause mental health issues and how the regulation of products has a significant impact on risk across the population.
  • To highlight that the normalisation of gambling for young people is having a serious impact through development of new gambling environments, technologies, and marketing strategies.
  • To demonstrate where researchers have drawn clear parallels with the normalisation process associated with tobacco.
  • To positively influence the way in which gambling-based education is delivered in the UK.
  • To challenge the prevailing ‘Responsible Gambling’ narrative.
  • To influence decision makers by highlighting that a public health approach to gambling will require an independent education programme for young people.

For more information about the programme, and if you would like one of their team to deliver it to pupils from your school, please get in touch with James Grimes using the information below:

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